I decided to start a new game. 

This game shall be called m’Lord.

I was inspired to start this game on a site called Reddit.  It was on Reddit that I learned of the Fedora, and the Neckbeard.   When I first saw these terms being passed about, I was confused.  It took me a few days of research to discover that these meme words were being used in a psychological mind warfare.

I discovered it being part of the pro Bitcoin side of the war.  Truth be told I am not so much pro Bitcoin as I am anti-central bank (i. e. anti-Federal Reserve).  I see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general as new powerful weapons to be used against the central banking parasitic “Lord” class.

I saw someone made a comment trying to discredit Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Bitcoin.  Since he is only there to defend the parasitic “Lord” class because he benefits from the current regime in some way, I replied with  Same thing is going to happen to your Lord’s dollar.

Then I saw a few other characters show up to make comments.  So I decided to respond with “m’Lord”.   Like how people would respond to some clown pedistalizing  someone on the Internet who claims to be female or white knighting the same, with “m’Lady”

Henceforth, I shall respond to anyone on Reddit who is there to trash Bitcoin, with “m’Lord!”   Because they are defending their Lord.



Do to the recent events on Earth, I have decided to restart the Underdog Militia Report.

I have a series of articles I am currently working on.   I plan to post the first one within the next week.

I am also looking to hire some freelance writers for this site.


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